Three things you can do right now to find a part time job in your industry as an international student.

Your family has invested in you and helped you out so you can create a better future for yourself and they want to see you succeed in that.

So are you doing everything it takes to make sure you have that future?

If you waste your 20 hours a week doing some odd jobs just thinking about money (the now), you’re certainly throwing that future away.

By doing this it will be 100 times more difficult for you to secure sponsorship by the time your student visa is about to expire.

So how to avoid this mistake?

Think about the future and find a part time job which helps you develop enough skills & experience and makes it easier for you to get sponsored.

Here are three things you can do tight now to achieve this:

1. Tailor your CV to match the Modern UK MARKET! i.e the specific field and job you are applying for.
I get a lot of people complaining how their CV is really good but they still can’t get an interview booked,
Well guess what, If you can’t get interviews you ain’t got a good CV.
If your CV doesn’t appeal to what employers are looking for in the specific field you’re applying you will never be able to get through, you must highlight the specific skills which are most in demand in this field right now, and not 10 years ago.
Most university CV Clinics and career counsellors will give you info from the past, namely 10 years ago, so they’re not the best authority to follow on this.

2. Plan ahead do not waste time, once you get into the job search, obviously you don’t know much about the job market, you don’t know which roles can offer you valuable experience which will help you in getting sponsored when you finish your studies,
and you don’t know which jobs or employers are a good fit to bring you on board as a part time employee.
The truth is, this is something you can only learn by being in the market, so no wonder as an international student you don’t know any of this,
So it’s crucial to give yourself enough time to start learning about the job market and seeing what trends are occurring.

3. Never give up. Finding a part time job in a skilled field is not easy, sure it’s always easier to default back into some odd job packing grocery at Sainsbury’s or working at front office assistant at some hotel (glorified receptionist),
but achieving your goals has never been easy and it never will be, so you must be prepared to do whatever it takes, and this is where you start, and this is where you should never give up.

By getting a relevant part time job it will a lot easier for you to secure your sponsorship after studies, and then you’ll be able to have the future your family has always wished you’d have.