Why It’s Crucial To Find a Part Time Job with RELEVANT Skills as an International Student

If you have just started your Masters Degree in the UK.

As you progress in your course, YOU do NOT want to waste your time by working as a bus boy/girl at KFC.

I see a lot of international students who have an internship or placement part of their programme, go and throw this valuable opportunity down the drain by doing some admin job which is completely irrelevant to their degree.

The other half just miss their deadline, get their visa curtailed and miss out on the greatest opportunity they had to find work with sponsorship in the UK.

By the time your last semester comes, it’s panic time because you have zero experience in the field they’re trying to find a job in.

You really need to plan and secure your job which gives you industry experience because during the summer you can work full time.

Even if you have classes in summer, it’s still important to get relevant experience within whatever time you’re allowed to work.

There’s a reason why the government gives you those 20 hours on your BRP!

This is your best shot at improving your chances in getting sponsored before your Tier 4 expires.

So you don’t end up being one of the 98% non-eu students who spend hundreds of thousands of ££ on binging degrees to buy more time in the UK.

How I Found a Part Time Job which Helped me Get Sponsorship.

Many international students tell me they’re not able to find part time opportunities relevant to their subject of study,

because most jobs they apply to want them to start immediately and they don’t even offer any flexibility to work part time.

And many people say, there isn’t any jobs out there.

Well, I thought I’d share some stories with you to help you see how this is not true at all.

It’s always simpler to default to the easier option, which is in this case doing some admin job as a receptionist or back office assistant.

While it is true getting a part time job in your industry is not easy, but it’s not impossible.

The fact you are struggling to find a job doesn’t mean there isn’t any jobs, it just means you’re either not looking in the right places, or not putting enough effort into it.

When I found my first job, I didn’t go on job boards, or LinkedIn and clicked on Easy Apply every day and waited for something to happen,

I did did many things, tried different things, talked to different people, It wasn’t just one thing that worked for me.

I built a human connection with someone I knew could help me, that’s how I landed my first job as an IT tester, this wasn’t my dream job, but it certainly opened the door for me into the industry.

The same goes for my students and many people I know, no one ever starts by doing their dream job from day one.

You just have to start small and work your way into the job which will get you sponsorship eventually.

So at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, what is your goal here?

Is earning 800 quid a month working at Tesco’s worth throwing away your dream of working in the UK after your studies?

If you are serious about achieving your goal of getting sponsored, you must be prepared to to what it takes and you must plan ahead.

Move in angles, work smart, and never give up!