Three Non Technical Jobs Which Will Get You Sponsorship.

Many international students are terrified with the idea of having to study something technical in order to qualify for sponsorship.

Others have just found themselves doing an MBA or some other business related subject, and they’ve started to realise this isn’t something that’ll offer sponsorship.

So they start to feel trapped.

But it doesn’t have to be this way,

Yes it’s true the job market always appreciates those with STEM knowledge & skilled workers. (science, tech, engineering, maths).

But STEM sectors as a whole are growing which means there are a lot of jobs being created in these fields and they are not all technical jobs!

Companies will look for people who can work in different positions in order to cater for this fast paced growth,

What are these roles? We can see people getting sponsored for:

Business Analyst

In this role you will be working within a tech team & liaising with business stakeholders, to understand their requirements and break them down into features of a product.

Account Manager

In this role you will be also working with business stakeholders, or more likely clients, to make sure they are taken care of and have everything they need during their engagement with your employer which is usually a digital agency or consultancy business.

Digital Project Manager

In this role you’ll be working on some exciting digital projects, working with the development team to make sure everything is in line with the set goal, and the work is on schedule.

So these are only a few examples, there are many other opportunities in the Tech & Finance sectors which are super exciting right now for international students.

Your mission is to match yourself to one of those, and work like an animal to prove yourself as the best candidate. Be in the right place at the right time.

So go ahead and start your hunt right now, and do not stop until you make it!

To skyrocketing your career 🍻