International Student UK Starter Pack – Beta

Living Expenses:

As a student you are allowed to work 20 hrs a week, this job could get you about £1000 per month.

An example of how much expenses you would need per month:





Plus other expenses like going out.

So with a part time job you’ll be able to pay for all you essential expenses.

1- The first thing you’d want to do is to apply for a National Insurance number which is important to be able to start any kind of job. Because it can take up to 8 weeks for the student to receive it and sometimes employees want to have it before signing the contract! Even for part-time jobs.

Dial the contact number on this page and choose to apply for National Insurance, Some questions you might be asked:

  • When did you arrive in the UK?
  • What is your passport number?
  • Why you need an NI?
  • Your address details

2- Next step is to get a Bank Account. Signing in up with Revolut is the easiest option, All you will need is a phone number & Passport. With Revolut you get a free card & it’s especially useful if your family or parents are going to send you money from abroad.

Also another option is Monzo, it has the same sing up process and it’s super easy to use and send money. Another useful resource for money transfers to checkout would be TransferWise as it supports more countries.

Proof of address is either a letter sent to your home address , utility bill or a provisional driving licence.

Once you sign up to Revolut or Monzo, you’ll be able to easily deposit money and spend money, and also issue a bank statement which would be your additional proof of address which you can use for any other paperwork in the UK.

3- You should also apply to a provisional driving licence as that will be very helpful as an ID in the UK, rather than using your passport for everything, and also as a proof of address. you to apply for provisional driving licence it should come in come in about a week or so.

Another reason to apply for a provisional driving licence is because using your BRP can be risky and if you lose it you’d have to pay £500 to £1000 for a replacement BRP.

4- Register your nearest GP. You still need your two proof of addresses. Go to you nearest GP centre fill up few forms and register with your doctor . Sometimes a GP confirmation letter posted on your address is considered as proof of address as well. You can also checkout Babylon GO which is an easy way to get GP appointments on your mobile.

5- If you are planning to work in the UK after your studies.. This is the most important step for you, once you are done with all of the above, it’s time for your start planning for your Tier-2 work visa sponsorship.

There are many steps involved in this process, so it’s crucial to start with this as early as possible not just the job search.

You must to start by:

  • Understanding the UK jobs market,
  • Tailoring your CV,
  • Applying to jobs with confidence &
  • Getting as much RELEVANT experience as you can.

If you need help with any of these steps, feel free to get in touch.

98% of international students fail to secure work sponsorship in the UK because they don’t plan ahead.

Links and Resources:

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If any of these steps or links do not work for you, please provide me with feedback here or at