The Top Jobs You Should Apply to If you Want to Get Tier-2 Visa Sponsorship in the UK.

Whether you are an International student in the UK or an experienced professional abroad who are interested in finding work in the UK which provides you with Visa Sponsorship.

There is ONE question you need to ask yourself. 

Is the job you are applying for on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL)?

You may be asking what the hell is the SOL? well it’s a list of roles that UK companies have hard time finding people to fill, hence the government has given less restrictions on these jobs for companies in order to be able to sponsor professionals from abroad for these jobs.

The SOL contains many fields which you can pick from, which will give you a good chance in getting sponsored, because it offers a lot of flexibility for employers to be able to sponsor on Tier 2 visa. Read more about the benefits of the SOL here.

If you are an international student, your only option is to look for a job which is on the Shortage Occupation List, you need to have finished your degree, and previously obtained some experience in the relevant domain.

If you are interested in studying in the UK the same rules apply, you just have to pick a job from the SOL & study a university degree relevant to it.

If you are a professional living abroad and looking to relocate to the UK, You need between 3 to 7 years of experience in a field which is also listed on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL).

Why does it have to be a SOL job?

Your other question might be, why do I need to pick something from the SOL? why can’t I just apply to the jobs I have experience with. Well if you are coming from abroad and you need to find a job in the UK, you need to have the best chance in getting sponsored.

Because these jobs are the most in demand in the UK right now, this means companies are 80% more likely to sponsor you for this role than any other role which is not on the SOL!

Here are some fields which ARE NOT on the SOL:

Business Management, 
Project Management
Accounting & Finance.  
Customer Service

These jobs are not in demand in the UK because there are enough nationals & EU citizens who can do those jobs, so you have a very low chance of being able to get sponsorship for these areas, I DON’T recommend you study these programmes in university if your plan is to find work in the UK!

If you want to get an edge & beat the competition in the job market, you need to pick something from the SOL.

What if my target job is not on the SOL and I am already studying one of the above subject?

Targeting a job on the SOL will give you the highest chance in getting sponsored, but I do understand there are many students who don’t have technical skills.

For this I wrote an article to highlight a few non technical jobs which you can target.

If you want to know what SoC to target but also make sure the job you are applying to qualifies for sponsorship, You need to look the Codes of practice for skilled work – Immigration Rules document and pick a job which is RQF Level 6 and above.


UK Shortage Occupation List

Codes of practice for skilled work – Immigration Rules

If this is all gibberish to you and none of it makes sense, get in touch today.