Advice For those Struggling to Get a Job with Visa Sponsorship in the UK from Someone who had too Many.

When I was applying for sponsoring jobs, one of the companies had offered me a role at Β£25k with visa sponsorship,  

The story I don’t usually tell is that I actually turned down that offer, because I knew I could get something better, which I did.  

But I wasn’t always that confident, actually it was a real struggle for me to get that job offer in the first place, But I did it, and I knew I could do it all over again, how?  

Because I knew what was in demand in the job market, I knew where the market need is and I jumped right into the thick of that. 

The biggest mistake jobs seeking International students make is not doing the research on what degrees will open the door for them to get hired,  

That’s not entirely their fault alone, there’s little to no guidance at all from universities to people around getting into market driven educational programmes,  

But this has rather turned into a money making venture for educational institutions, where it’s only optimising for more recruited students, and not really whatever the f* happens with them after graduating.  

This means it’s now on the student to do their own homework, because there’s 10s of thousands & years at stake here.  

Let alone the pain & hassle of your visa expiring, going back and looking for other ways to get back into the UK job market.  

Always look for what’s in demand in the market, and I will tell you right now:  

It’s not Business Management, 
It’s not  Marketing. 
& sure as hell it’s not Accounting & Finance.  

All things technical like engineering, programming, development & IT. These are what’s really in demand,  

And none of that other stuff where for each international student you can find 10 nationals who have studied it and can do it better!  

For more info on what are the most in demand jobs in the UK right now which give you the highest chance at getting hired, checkout the Government’s shortage occupation list here:

UK Shortage Occupation List

To your success!