From School Teacher to Software Developer in 12 Weeks

When Shahrukh started working with me, he had been a school teacher for over 2 years.

He had some previous experience working with a dev team but never been a dev before, although he studied it in uni.

He wasn’t really sure how to get into the industry, especially with all the options out there.

But he knew he had to work on himself and change his career!

We worked together on building this small project, to help him understand the very basics of web development.

We didn’t build a portfolio, we didn’t have 10 projects on that portfolio.

All we had is a good understanding of what companies are looking for in a junior developer:

* Basic knowledge is the domain of the job you’re applying to.

* A can-do attitude which shows your willingness to learn quickly & ability solve problems.

* Being a good cultural fit by integrating & collaborate well with the team.

In addition to prepping for interviews & technical questions, that’s really all we did.

We started booking him on interviews very quickly after finishing the technical prep.

And that’s how he managed to secure an amazing offer with a great salary as a Junior Web Developer.

He is now on track for an amazing career in Web Development!

Congratulations Shahrukh!

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