What Programming Language or Framework Should I Pursue for a Successful Career in Software Engineering?

I often get asked what tech stack, programming language or framework should I learn to get the best chance at being hired?

Whether you are a self educated dev wanna be or international graduate looking for a job in the UK.

You’ll get presented with 10s of different tech or suggestions from friends or others to pursue, especially when there’s a new framework coming every other day for some technologies.

So how do you know what to pick in order to get the best chance in getting hired?

Your chances in getting hired are directly related to what is most in demand in the job market.

Web Development & Data Science are the hottest jobs in the UK right now.

And this isn’t according to Glassdoor because they also think Accounting is up there with these skills on the demand ladder.

That’s not accurate and it’s probably based on the number of roles listed on their site, but really, demand isn’t only reflected by the number of jobs posted.

It’s also represented by how much trouble companies are willing to go through to hire someone with such skills. This can be in two forms:

  • How much money they’re willing to pay (salary/day rate)
  • If they are willing to provide visa sponsorship for this role.

If you disagree, try getting a visa sponsorship for an accounting role or get paid Β£500 per day to that job.

Within Web development, There are thousands of projects kick starting across companies of different sizes.

Many of which are undergoing digital transformation, to keep up with the fast paced shifts & changes in their markets.

This has generated a lot of variation in tech stacks used & there’s a new framework coming out every day.

Here are some tips to help you stay up to date & make the right decision.

Front End

If you are front end person, and would love to work with the look and feel of websites or products,

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript are a must have for any web developer, then you can focus on JS, particularly the React library, also playing with node.js & MongoDB can certainly complement your knowledge.

Back End

If you are into backend, you like working more with inner workings of software, API’s and integrations across applications, but also have a light touch on the front end, you can always learn C# & .NET.

This combined with some hands on exposure to some of the enterprise level management applications out there like Sitecore or Umbraco will be a sure-fire way to get into a job very quickly.

In general a full stack knowledge of developing web applications is certainly invaluable to have in this market.

Data Science

Python would be your go to if you like working with data & solve market problems through processing data & extracting insights.


Is another area which is highly in demand if you like working with tools & infrastructure, leveraging knowledge in Cloud tech like Azure, AWS & Google Cloud Platform (GCP) this also requires knowledge of scripting languages like Power Shell & Containerisation tools like Docker & Kubernetes.

So there’s are a few options to choose from, your mission is to just match your interests & skills to one of the above areas that are in demand in the market!

To your Success