Free CV Template

Your CV is the first thing a comapny will look at when they are considering you for a role.

So basically it’s the key which opens up the door for you to the opportunity you’re after.

If this key is broken, you’ll get locked out and get rejections left right & centre.

AND there’s no number of doors you can try that will make this fucking broken key work!

So stop asking for company connections & MORE job opportunities, and start thinking about the quality of your CV.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can connect with people & get access to thousands of opportunities.

But somehow you still struggle to find a job or company that will provide you with visa sponsorship.

This means your issue is not a numbers problem, it’s a quality problem.

The quality of your CV, and your LinkedIn profile, and the way you are presenting yourself to these companies.

That’s what’s not working out for you.

The three key highlights your CV & profile need to have are:

  • Be compatible with the UK job market & formatted as such.
  • Be targeting a niche skill or a high demand job in the UK.
  • Show your relevant experience as well as highlight the role you are applying to!

Having these is your only chance in being able to stand out among some thousands of applicants for each role.

Below is a Free CV template which I included to help you get an idea of what structure, grammar & tone to use to make your CV stand out.

Free CV Template