Thinking of Going for Another Degree? DON’T. Here’s Why

Education & Training are useless.  

Study 5 years in Uni, & spend £50k, then start looking for a job.  

That doesn’t work, so your first answer to this is do more education?  

Ok hold on, let me just get this straight.  

You have already spent all this time and money on education, and what did it get you?  

Did it get you a job? No  

Did it give you the confidence to get a job? No  

Did it give you market driven skills & knowledge to start in industry and plan for a successful career? No  

All you had is that piece of paper that is your degree.  

So your plan now is to get more pieces of paper? Certifications? Qualifications?  

What is this? Gotta catchem all for useless pieces of paper?  

Let’s get ONE thing straight. 

If you keep doing more of the same you will get exactly the same results! 

And you going for more qualification & training certifications, are just mini aftershocks similar to the main quake that is your university degree, so how can you expect a different result?  

Where did all the education you’ve done get you? To a place of confusion, being lost, and being in pain.  

Not sure what jobs to go for, not sure how to find & apply for jobs which are relevant to you and easy for you to enter.  

So how do you change your approach to get different results?  

How do you end this pain festered confusion & get clarity on how to get your first job and start a decent career?  

Get market driven education with real world experience, tangible results & skills, not just a degree or certification.  

Get education of which the outcome is getting the actual job, not the piece of paper!