Experience Matters? Nope. The Biggest Myth In the Talent Space Right Now.

There seems to be a split in views right now around experience and how hiring companies and recruiters approach this when looking for talent. 

The number of years of experience is something many recruiters get stuck on and they obsess about when looking for candidates.  

I know this because I’ve been on the candidate end of the scope and have been judged if fit for roles using this very (questionable) metric.  

I can’t start to imagine how many excellent candidates get denied the opportunity to bring real value to businesses just because they didn’t tick the box, or missed this number by 1 years. 

This is the biggest myth in the talent world right now. 

In business often those who are outsiders to a market or industry are the ones who irreversibly disrupt that market.  

Jeff Bezos didn’t have 11 years of experience in the commerce space when he started Amazon, Mark z. wasn’t a social media manager for 25 years in some digital agency when he started Facebook.. 

The same applies in the talent world, there no guarantee someone with 10 years experience will give you insights & innovation that’ll help move your business quicker towards your goals.  

In fact, research shows that people with a greater number of years in experience are less likely to be innovative & creative in their approach to problem solving.  

I’m not saying you should hire a monkey and put it in charge. But what am I really saying? 

Smart companies look for smart people, talented individuals, but what is really the meaning of a talented individual (buzzwords & fads aside) and what exactly does it mean to these smart companies?  

These companies look for THREE qualities in any person applying for a job, particularly in the software engineering space. Passion & motivation, Being quick learner who can solve problems creatively & Being a hard worker.  

That’s all you need to make the company sure you can pull off whatever job they have at hand, and demonstrating these qualities to the hiring company will be your sure fire way of acing that interview!  

There are exceptions to this rule of course, there are some jobs out there that definitely require real life experience & training, such as flying a plane or controlling a rocket!  

But surely being obsessed about experience when looking for software engineers the way recruiters and some companies are right now is madness, it ain’t rocket science!