Two Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Tech Recruitment Skills

90 percent of recruiters I spoke to seem to think their biggest problem is being able to find candidates or getting through to them. They’re wrong, here’s why.

Everyone has access to Job boards, CV DBs, LinkedIn and most importantly to English language skills which allow them to connect and socialize with potential candidates, but everyone’s acting as if there’s still this hive of candidates hidden somewhere which no one has gotten to yet and the only way to get to it is by using some fancy AI invention or some sort of “The Matrix” inspired automation tool. I know this because just the other day someone actually tried to sell me on hiring them as recruiters because they have access to this “really good new software that can provide high calibre candidates really really quickly”. But let me break it to you. There isn’t such candidate hive.

Nowadays we’re closer tan ever to full penetration of the markets and candidate pools, with all the tools previously mentioned and the different social media channels, 90% of recruiters stand to get access to 90% percent of all potential candidates at any given time. So what is the problem then?

We need to take step back and see what’s happening after we engage these candidates, If I’m a recruiter and I’m able to send 500 outreach attempts (emails or calls) to candidates about a certain role this week, and only 20 of those response and convert into interviews and then 15 of those 20 drop out after arranging interviews, then my problem is certainly not FINDING the candidates, I probably should look at the way i’m approaching this candidate hunt or in fact the whole acquisition process.

Most likely what I’m experiencing right now is the result of something I and many other recruiters have been doing for years. Just grab that role or “urgent requirement” from the client and broadcast it through my CV DB or to any of my LinkedIn connections who match a single keyword from the brief and see what comes out the other end.. This very behaviour and mechanism in sourcing/activating candidates for roles has driven most candidate pools away from wanting to work with recruiters.

There’s also an element of quality vs quantity here, rather than making 200 meaningless outreach messages about the role, maybe I can spend 30 more minutes to identify a few candidates who might actually be a genuine match to the spec. You see right now with this massive shift in the market place, where job markets are becoming more job rich and candidate short, it takes a little more than just broadcasting a JD to a host of emails for recruiters to make a placement, it’s not a numbers game anymore.

This leaves us then with one other option to create a better chance for ourselves as recruiters in being able to fill these roles. To focus more on the quality of our engagements. How do we do that?

  1. Be more tech relevant. Don’t send a PHP role to a Java developer or a Java role to a C# developer who’s done some Java project 10 years ago in uni (obvious single keyword match here)
  2. Be more position relevant. Don’t send an architect role to a mid level developer who has a brilliant potential in being a technical lead but he just needs this next less pressuring role and a bit more experience to fill that position

And how do we achieve being relevant? being informed. Educate yourself, spend time to learn about your markets, your candidates. Completely changing your approach for sourcing a candidate for your next role, it surely sounds like a lot to do and a bit scary to some. But it’s worth trying because doing what you’ve always done will get you more of what you’re getting: More frustration trying to get through to candidates, and more candidates dropping out when you actually do get through to them, and last and not least your hiring managers taking the piss and treating you just like another CV crawling bot.

Powering yourself with all these DB’s, bulk outreach, AI or automation tools and going in for the candidate hunt without the necessary skills is like a deer hunter having the best shotgun of all but zero ability in targeting and the noisiest way of moving about. It doesn’t work.

The best way to get ahead then is to gain this edge over your competition by getting access to knowledge which is the insider insight into the candidates world, what client requirements look like from on the battlefield, and the specifics of building teams and delivering projects in particular tech markets. The best way to get this knowledge is from the very mouth of the beast itself, the mind of a technical candidate who’s there to help.

I’ve put together a free training for recruiters on how they can improve their ability to source, screen, and place candidates in technology jobs in addition to other topics. If you or anyone you know is interested checkout my website and book a free Consultation today:

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