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My name is Jawad Sabra and I Help International Students get a 6 figure Tech Job in the UK through a Predictable Job Search Process.


Working with me, you will be able to learn:

  • How I learned niche skills which allowed me to beat competition & get 2 job offers from sponsoring companies right after graduation.
  • The three secrets of being a highly desirable job seeker which will make companies beg you to work for them. 
  • How to develop & acquire skills & experience that you can transform into real life results which will get you the job you want. 

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  • Jawad is very informed about the Software Development space and Web Development in particular, which he has a history of operating in. His depth of knowledge and experience can be invaluable to many others, which helped me plan for my next steps to try and get into Web Development.

    Amr Elshenawy

  • I wasn’t too sure how to get started in searching for a promising web development job. Jawad helped me understand the most essential technical skills and qualities any person should have in order to get a highly paid job and a successful career in this space. He worked with me all the way through securing a job. I definitely recommend anyone who is in a similar position to one that I was in to get in touch with him.

    Shahrukh Zahid